Summer to Fall Transition: Candles!

It’s that time of year again! It’s too early for those pumpkin spice candles but too late for margaritas on the beach! Here are some of the candles I like to burn at this time of year 🙂 Enjoy!

I get most of my candles from Yankee  Candle. I like the way they burn and they have the best scents!

Image                   I like this one because you could burn it pretty much all year ’round. I would LOVE to have a campfire in early fall 🙂

Image                          I like using votives candles because you don’t have to worry about them burning evenly and you can change up what scent you want to burn without feeling wasteful.

Image                            The blueberry scone and mango peach salsa scents are just delicious. They are very summery but they still have a warm feel to them. The red velvet cake is warm and smells wonderful- just like you’re baking the cake!

Image                           A votive holder, a wick trimmer and a candle cover are a must for the candle lover. It is amazing how much more evenly the candle burns when you have a cover over it. The wick trimmer also helps you maintain the right wick length without having to awkwardly try to stick your scissors in you candle jar.

Image                           Enjoy your last few days of that beautiful summer weather and keep burning those candles!



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