DIY: Dry Erase Calendar

Hi all! This is a super simple DIY! I haven’t used it much yet, but I LOVE it already. ImageEnjoy!

This is the frame I used. It was actually just sitting in my basement, but you could get a cheap one from a thrift store.


Part 1: Demolition 😉

Here’s what you’ll need:


I started by ripping the protective paper off the back and taking the staples out.

IMG_6557 IMG_6554

Then comes these pesky little staples. Since this was a cheap frame, the staples meant to keep the picture in were actually put through the cardboard, so i had to remove them instead of just bending them back. Take out all the cardboard and glass, but make sure to keep EVERYTHING.

                  IMG_6575              IMG_6574

I then sanded down the frame. I used a hair dryer to blow away all dust left from sanding.

 IMG_6576 IMG_6578

Part 2: Painting

Here’s what you’ll need:


Let’s get painting!


First coat:


Second coat:


Third coat:


Fourth coat:


I wanted my frame to have a rougher appearance, so  I let some of the gold and wood show through.

Lastly, I went out in the driveway (while it was raining) and gave it a coat of Krylon. I would NOT recommend spraying the frame in the rain.


Step Three: Drawing

Here is what you will need:


Plus some white poster board and a pencil

I measured the size of the picture in my frame and cut out a piece of poster board that was the same size. Mine was 16 x 16. measured about half an inch all around to make sure the frame wouldn’t cover up any part of my calendar. It’s sort of difficult to give directions for this part because the measurements all depend on the size of your frame. So just measure the amount of space you want the days to take up and divide the vertical by five and divide the horizontal by seven. Trace out the lines lightly with pencil. I hope that made sense. I left space at the top to write the month, a space for notes, and space to write the days of the week.

IMG_6648                         IMG_6649

Then add in the details like the days of the week and label for the notes section.

IMG_6593                         IMG_6653

Once you make the lines the way you want them, trace them with a sharpie ( I like the way the metallic sharpies look).


Wait for the frame to dry, then put your calendar in, along with all the cardboard and glass. If you had the same issue that I had with the staples, just tape all that stuff in there. 🙂

IMG_6682                    IMG_6676

That’s it! Now it’s time to enjoy your calendar! [ I’ll post more pictures of it hanging up on the wall soon 🙂 ]